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  • 0438 488 745

  • contact@thenakedpaw.com.au

  • Gold Coast, Queensland


I have a current subscription. How can I change the payment method?2023-02-10T11:46:26+10:00
  1. Login to My Account. Top Left of the website. 

2. On the My Account page. Click on My Subscription. 

3. Click on Change Payment button. 

4. Go through the prompts to change your payment details. Your next subscription will renew with the new details. 

How/where are your meals made? Are you accredited with Food Safe QLD?2019-09-30T11:11:49+10:00

We have partnered with an amazing butcher based here on the Gold Coast. They order and supply our meat components while we source and bring the freshest fruits, vegetables, oils and powders to them. Our team are then onsite and oversee the making of every batch before we then hand package each and every tub with care. This is all done in a commercial kitchen with the highest hygiene and cleanliness standards. Meals are then frozen to -18 degrees within hours to ensure the freshness is locked in.

We have Food Safe Accreditation for the manufacture, transport and storage of our products so you can rest assured that when we started this business, it was important we did it right and take your pets health as seriously as we do our own.

Raw food and treat making seems to be quite an unregulated industry. We see many small companies like ours making these products in their home kitchens and skirting around the rules that are in place to protect your pets health. When considering raw food makers and where you get your treats, ask some questions about where and how its made.

Please explain how I will be billed if I select the set and forget option2021-10-01T11:43:34+10:00

The day and time you set up your first  set and forget order will be the same day and time you will be debited moving forward. For example, if you create your first order at 9pm on Tuesday, your debits will re-occur at the same day and time based on the weekly, fortnightly or monthly preference you select.

We then deliver to you on the next delivery day we are in your zone.

For what we call ‘monthly’ set and forget, this is every 4 weeks rather than a calendar month.

We will always send a text message the night before as a reminder your delivery is due the following morning so you can kindly leave your yellow cooler bag out for us to fill and also a reminder to keep an eye out for it in the morning.


Access to apartment buildings and gated communities2019-05-26T08:56:31+10:00

We endevour to complete our deliveries early in the morning (before 8am) as we hope to have it at most peoples door, ready to bring inside to their fridges/freezers before they depart for work or their day and the Gold Coast sun hits. For this reason, we do not intend to ring door bells or knock on doors as we complete deliveries, rather send you a text message shortly after your delivery is complete.

There is some flexibility with this and we can always try to make your delivery in to a secure building or one that needs permissioned access our last drop of the morning. Kindly just advise any handy information in the notes section as you check out and if needed, we can make contact to find a suitable arrangement.

I want to cancel my subscription is there a notice period?2019-09-30T10:56:23+10:00

We would be sorry to see you go, if there is anything we may be able to address, please do not hesitate to contact us.

If you would like to cancel a set and forget arrangement, this can be done by logging in to your account and selecting the CANCEL option in the top right corner.

I have just ordered, when can I expect my delivery?2020-06-26T13:45:22+10:00

You should have received a confirmation email that has a handy summary of our delivery zones and days although a full map can be found under the DELIVERY tab of the website

We don’t like our customers waiting more than a few days for their orders, so if you have just missed your delivery day, we try and make contact and do our best to squeeze your order on to another day that we may be in close proximity to your address

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