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Who exactly is The Naked Paw?

Welcome! Thanks for clicking the link and showing an interest in who exactly is behind The Naked Paw.

We are a husband and wife team, Katie and Jarred but as many dog owners know, the real boss of our house is our beautiful dog, 8 year old American Staffy, Cali.

We adopted Cali at 7 months old and although we dont know too much about her early days, we can assume she had very limited exposure outside of a backyard, no training or socialisation and really missed building her skills in her critical period that would led her to be a confident, balanced and happy dog. After a few months we met with a behaviourist and after an assessment quite simply put it -“you have a dog with the equivalent of ADHD and twice a day you are feeding her red cordial and cookies and now asking me why you are having behavioural problems” – WOW, the penny dropped and this made so much sense. We began moving her on to a raw diet and haven’t looked back.

We have worked with a reputable rescue group and fostered 3 amazing dogs. 2 were rescues off death row from pounds and one was a private surrender and we saw the improvement in each one of these dogs both physically and mentally after transitioning on to a raw diet while in our care. These dogs are at their most vulnerable, broken and in a state of confusion why their lives have so suddenly changed. Diet plays a critical role in their rehabilitation and care.

I’ve also recently studied dog training and behaviour with National Dog Training Federation both on Melbourne and on the Sunshine Coast. This confirmed the idea behind the evolution of the canine and what is a biologically appropriate meal for them.

After moving to the Gold Coast in 2016 from Melbourne, we were surprised and the difficulty we found in being able to easily and affordably stick to a balanced raw based diet for Cali. In Melbourne we had a number of options for stores and delivery that offered really high quality products, variety and convenience. Here we found ourselves running around town to a variety of suppliers and spending the time making meals from scratch. Im the first to say, im not thrilled about this and doing it in our kitchen gave me a bit of the ‘icks’. There seemed to really be a need on the Gold Coast for a high quality, affordable raw food product with he convenience of delivery.  Hence the Naked Paw was born…..


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